Keep An Eye Out – The Burkharts

Alternative rock is having a nice swell in Buffalo, with bands like The Good Neighbors, Marquee Grand, and Amateur Hockey Club paving the way for a group of fresh bands to get more stage time. One of these groups is The Burkharts, who with their old-tyme influences are able to add yet another piece to the growing local collection of crafty alt bands. Composed of Gavon Hodge (drums), Trevor Hodge (guitar/ vocals), Luke Sampson (guitar), James Wrobel (keyboard) and Austin Knorr (bass), The Burkharts are primed for big moves down the road.

Having just released a single, it’s easy to get a feel for what the group will bring to the table. ‘Lazy Dazing‘ is a guitar driven bedroom dream-pop song that pulls the listener towards the contagiously hooky chorus. The layering of harmonies add depth to a tastefully thin recording. The sort of modulating, chorus-washed guitars sit well over top a rich bass line. The drums keep a steady cadence, never becoming too flashy. In this way, the song leaves room for an infectious singalong chorus line.

The verse provides a bit more harmonic movement, with the chords dropping into minor to create some tension for the subsequent release in the choruses. This formula plays well throughout the song, never becoming redundant. The band does a really good job of forming their sound, and the production quality is simply wonderful, as they hit the bedroom vibe while not sacrificing too much fidelity in the instrumental.

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The Burkharts have been more recently jumping onto bills in the Buffalo area, and will also grace the Fredonia crowd with their borderline comedic performances that combine an Andy Kaufman-like stage presence with fun, catchy songs. Check out their new single, ‘Lazy Daze” on both Spotify and Soundcloud. Keep an eye out for future show announcements, and keep an ear open for more music!

January 11th – Mohawk Place, Buffalo

January 23rd – The Bug Jar, Rochester