Glory Days – ‘Standstill’ Single

glory days song cover.PNGGlory Days, a Chicago based pop punk quartet, recently released a new single to follow up their 2016 EP, The Roads We’ve Traveled. This latest song finds the band toeing the line of early 2000’s pop punk. The group touts a familiar sound that would be a treat to fans of groups like Neck Deep, (early) Fall Out Boy, and State Champs. Glory days consists of James Pickering (vocals/guitar), CJ Jarmuth (guitar), Jared Tousey (drums), and Vince Gannon (bass/vocals). The four-piece group fill out a big sound in their single, ‘Standstill’; a quick hitter with relentless energy and a chorus that will be stuck in your head for days.

The drums are a big highlight on this track, and for most of the song they are a dominating force. The snare keeps a steady beat and snaps hard, while Tousey fills space with deft work on the hi-hat and cymbals. A guttural cadence of power chords match with the bass to create a very thick lower end that at times can get muddy, taking some of the definition out of the bass line and bass drum. The lead guitar will get lost in the mix during the busier parts, but when there is room for the lead to stand out, it does. The lead parts are fun, and they add a lot of character to the melody. Never too flashy, the lead rather supplies nuance to the song and compliments the vocals well. There are two vocal parts on this track. The lead, clean vocals are performed well and sit atop the mix beautifully. The dirty vocals give the song a more unique quality, and for most of the track they deliver an edge to counter the clean vocals, and compliment the heavier rhythm guitar. The lyrics are more of a lament, but ultimately the hook takes center stage as a proper ear worm.

In lieu of the generally non-stop energy of the song, there is not much of a dynamic range presented in this tune, though their earlier work did offer more of this, and of course the current track is one single song so it’s tough to display the full capabilities of a band in just 3 minutes. ‘Standstill’ is a nice continuation of Glory Day’s earlier work and offers a tighter and cleaner vision of the band’s sound. It will be interesting to hear how the band progresses creatively over time, as they continue to build on their sound and develop their songwriting. Check out the song now on Spotify and make sure to check out that earlier EP too!