NEW SINGLE! Tycho ft. – Run Away

GRAMMY nominated chillwave behemoth Scott Hansen (known as Tycho) is back with a collaboration with atmospheric soul singer-songwriter This is Tycho’s first release since his GRAMMY nominated album, Simulcast and a subsequent EP, Outer Sunset. The vibrant combination of soft drum-machine beats and light, wobbly synth make it tough not to put his music on repeat. This newest release, titled “Run Away” is the first Tycho song to feature a male artist ever,

The song offers a space-age instrumentation with a thick, deep groove. Chunky bass lines and arpeggiating synths wash over’s R&B inspired vocals. The emotive lyrics lend themselves to’s incredibly smooth melody. A feeling of longing and loss looms over the tune, while the beat keeps the song exciting and danceable. Tycho’s signature style offers a great backdrop for the vocals. The song is a foray into new territory for both artists and the outcome is everything one would hope with Tycho’s first collaboration with a male vocalist. has been stepping up in a big way, offering a selection of songs that leave listeners yearning for more content. It’s impossible to listen to his two EP’s worth of songs and not get excited for the budding artist’s career. is also playing a big role in uplifting those whose voices don’t get the attention they deserve. Specifically, he is using his platform to elevate music made by those in the LGBTQ/black community. You can find his latest selections of those artists songs here. The list does not disappoint, and neither does’s current lineup of released original songs.

“Run Away” is available to stream on September 30th. Find it HERE, and peruse’s current discography to pump yourself up for his future projects. And of course, always spin those Tycho tunes.