Alex Northrup And The Backup – Long Story Short

Rochester based multi-instrumentalist Alex Northrup and his band The Backup released their six-song album in March titled Long Story Short. The band is made up of Alex Northrup (keyboard, vocals), Andrew Carter (bass guitar, backup vocals), and Jake Walsh (drums, backup vocals). The trio has a sound that ranges from really small to huge, making use of each member’s prowess on their instrument and their … Continue reading Alex Northrup And The Backup – Long Story Short

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Tycho – Weather

For more than eight years, Scott Hansen has been creating something truly different. Scott’s project, Tycho, had its first release in 2011. Titled Dive, the album garnered a lot of attention and interest. With soundscapes akin to Boards of Canada, Tycho grabbed the idea of ambient chill-wave and took it to livelier heights. The vibrant combination of soft drum-machine beats and light, wobbly synth made … Continue reading Tycho – Weather

Lettuce – Elevate   Brooklyn based funk outfit, Lettuce, has been one of the pioneers in modern funk and jam music. The band’s skill and taste, combined with their ability to blend historic and popular music aesthetics together puts them in the spotlight for aspiring bands. The spotlight is nothing new to Lettuce and they are perpetually growing a global fan base. In fact, members Adam Deitch … Continue reading Lettuce – Elevate

Freekbass – All The Way This. All The Way That. Hail the almighty bass – a beautiful cornerstone of countless bands through history. Its versatility is a product of its transformation over time, to become a tool that is both seismic and transient. With such a dichotomy, the possibilities are endless, and that attracts some of the most sagacious of musical minds. Chris “Freekbass” Sherman is one such person; his bombastic aesthetic and revolutionary … Continue reading Freekbass – All The Way This. All The Way That.

Lamp – Her Watch

This past year was full of music- it’s a treat to go back through the “Your Tops Songs 2018” playlist and reflect on the different kinds of music that shaped the mood of certain months or influenced listening preferences. Right next to that playlist on the Spotify app lies another labeled “Tastebreakers”. It is full of songs Spotify thinks you’d probably enjoy. It’s not pigeon … Continue reading Lamp – Her Watch