Lacy Kay and the Righteous Liars – Vol. II, O

What began simply as a late-night jam session with a group of musicians in Boston has landed London songwriter Lacy Kay with a strong supporting cast of musicians to take her accessible and in-touch songwriting to another level. This most recent project from Lacy Kay and the Righteous Liars showcases the potential of a band that can wear many hats. The second part of their … Continue reading Lacy Kay and the Righteous Liars – Vol. II, O

Lord Electro – Reinvigorator Lord Electro, a budding electronic band from Albany, figures out a way to make their synth stand out as a staple lead tone by creating rich rhythmic grooves which fit like a puzzle piece underneath competent key lines with various changing characteristics… Read the rest of the review at NYS Music (link above)! Continue reading Lord Electro – Reinvigorator

Keep An Eye Out – The Burkharts

Alternative rock is having a nice swell in Buffalo, with bands like The Good Neighbors, Marquee Grand, and Amateur Hockey Club paving the way for a group of fresh bands to get more stage time. One of these groups is The Burkharts, who with their old-tyme influences are able to add yet another piece to the growing local collection of crafty alt bands. Composed of Gavon … Continue reading Keep An Eye Out – The Burkharts

Younger Then Performs To Hometown Crowd For Album Release Autumn has finally put summer to rest in Buffalo. The trees are a muted mixture of red, orange, and yellow and the air is crisp as you walk into Buffalo Iron Works. A crowd of excited attendees awaited Buffalo local indie-rock group Younger Then to take the stage in the wake of the release of their most recent album, Bad Life…. Read the rest … Continue reading Younger Then Performs To Hometown Crowd For Album Release

Doug Berns Band – Outlier Brooklyn trio, the Doug Berns Band, are quietly meshing together key elements of rock to create a sound that is both accessible and flashy. The group is fronted by bassist, singer and songwriter Doug Berns (EMEFE, The YeahTones), and features Sean Salant (AwakenTheShadow, Nova Lantern) on guitar and Coleman Bartels on drums… Read the rest at the link above! Continue reading Doug Berns Band – Outlier