Lord Electro – Reinvigorator

https://nysmusic.com/2018/12/03/hearing-aide-lord-electro-reinvigorator/ Lord Electro, a budding electronic band from Albany, figures out a way to make their synth stand out as a staple lead tone by creating rich rhythmic grooves which fit like a puzzle piece underneath competent key lines with various changing characteristics… Read the rest of the review at NYS Music (link above)! Continue reading Lord Electro – Reinvigorator

Groovestick – Mosaic

https://nysmusic.com/2018/09/27/hearing-aide-groovestick-mosaic/ Mosaic┬ácarves out a unique jazz-funk sound in the vein of Head Hunters while injecting subtle pop melodies, making the album as accessible as it is complex. Original member Dan Gerken (guitar/bass/vocals) has assembled a power house of a group with Chris Carballeira on keyboard/vocals and Dave Berger on drums…. Read the rest at the link above! Continue reading Groovestick – Mosaic