Marquee Grand Releases New Single ‘Not Finished Yet’ Ahead of NYE Show Now that we’re approaching the end of another decade in the roaring 2000’s, a lot of the sounds from the past are coming back in a big way… Read the rest at the link above via Buffalo Rising!   Continue reading Marquee Grand Releases New Single ‘Not Finished Yet’ Ahead of NYE Show

Keep An Eye Out – The Burkharts

Alternative rock is having a nice swell in Buffalo, with bands like The Good Neighbors, Marquee Grand, and Amateur Hockey Club paving the way for a group of fresh bands to get more stage time. One of these groups is The Burkharts, who with their old-tyme influences are able to add yet another piece to the growing local collection of crafty alt bands. Composed of Gavon … Continue reading Keep An Eye Out – The Burkharts

Younger Then – Bad Life For a band that doesn’t have unlimited funds, recording in a studio can be nerve wracking. Every minute that passes represents a dollar gone, and the expectation to nail down a cohesive album with tight performances is exponentially higher. Buffalo local indie rock band Younger Then knew the stakes were high when they walked into Nashville based Blackbird Studio- the same studio that recorded … Continue reading Younger Then – Bad Life

The Upstart Crows – Self-Titled Moving out from a small college town music scene into one of the world’s largest and most diverse arts cities is daunting. For The Upstart Crows, fitting in means being different. So, when they moved from a small college town in New Hampshire into the Big Apple, they were able to settle right in… Read the rest at the link above!   Continue reading The Upstart Crows – Self-Titled

Noah Gokey – Reason & Rhyme Buffalo group Noah Gokey has been writing and performing since 2005, and if you’re local to the greater Buffalo area, you have almost certainly heard the name. Comprised of three members, and a songbook of over 51 original tunes, Noah Gokey recently dropped a 34 track album titled Reason & Rhyme. This is a bit over 2 hours of all original, new music. Any … Continue reading Noah Gokey – Reason & Rhyme

The Good Neighbors – Not Feelin’ This

Check out my first album review where I take a listen to the three-track EP for Buffalo, NY based trio The Good Neighbors.     Back in 2017, a trio hailing from the City of Good Neighbors took to the studio to record what would be their first official release. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the Buffalo, NY music scene, you’ve probably noticed … Continue reading The Good Neighbors – Not Feelin’ This