Groovestick – Mosaic Mosaic carves out a unique jazz-funk sound in the vein of Head Hunters while injecting subtle pop melodies, making the album as accessible as it is complex. Original member Dan Gerken (guitar/bass/vocals) has assembled a power house of a group with Chris Carballeira on keyboard/vocals and Dave Berger on drums…. Read the rest at the link above! Continue reading Groovestick – Mosaic

Paul Sottnik – Supermarkets

Paul Sottnik – Supermarkets The modern American supermarket is an amalgamation of products and services- an impossible to miss behemoth of a building full of people and things. On the road, one can’t help but notice the presence of these cornerstones of commerce. They’re within 20 miles of just about every living citizen (I’m looking at you, Walmart). Whether you’re driving to work or to a … Continue reading Paul Sottnik – Supermarkets